O'Brien Shock Ball and Towable Tube Rope Float with Lightning Valve

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The blue and yellow inflatable is how the O’Brien Shockball gets its name, but this is actually a tow rope not a ride-on. Running through the Shockball is a sixty foot tow rope, strong enough to pull inflatables carrying up to four people, and two removable sections allow you to fine-tune the length for your application. What happens is the Shockball works to keep the tow line out of the water while you’re under way, reducing drag so your boat gets better fuel economy, and allowing for more dynamic lateral movement for the inflatable at the other end. Plus, by keeping the line up and out of the water safety is enhanced, not only because you can’t foul when the line isn’t in the water but also because of the added visibility the elevated line and the Shockball itself provides.

  • This modified tow rope completely changes the inflatable experience while also adding significant safety
  • Quick-connect compatible design makes for quick and easy setup with properly equipped inflatables
  • With a tensile strength of 4,100 lbs this rope is capable of supporting most inflatables for up to four riders

  • Floating orb in the middle of the line keeps the rope up and out of the water, improving fuel economy, allowing for more dynamic tube movement, and enhancing line and inflatable visibility on the water
  • Lightning Valve allows for quick inflation or deflation
  • Durable 30 gauge bladder construction offers many seasons of use and enjoyment
  • Shockball measures approximately 41” by 22” (104 by 56 cm)
  • A total length of 60 ft (18.2m) features two removable 5’ (1.5m) sections, which is perfect for most towing applications
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