Connelly 2023 Spark Wakesurf Board 4' 9"

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As the only board specialized in teaching beginners, the Connelly Spark Wakesurf Board has lofty goals. Its aim is to make it as easy as possible for new riders to understand the forces at work out on the wake. From its wide cruiser shape (ease of control at lower speeds), configurable skate fins (offering a variety of ride feels), and color-coded EVA traction pad (for paint-by-the-numbers foot placement), everything about the Spark is designed to ignite a rider's stoke. Flatten that learning curve--Spark it up!

Construction and Materials

Closed Cell Polyurethane Core


CruiseFor riders just looking to get on the water and hit that flow state, Connelly's cruiser boards are the perfect match. Cruisers will have a thicker profile and more rounded rail than a hybrid.

Surf StyleSurf styles use a multitude of rail shapes, board outlines, and fin setups to accommodate different riding styles and skill levels. There's more than one way to ride a wave and Connelly recommends trying them all.

Square TailSquare tails are wide and offer a lot of surface area for a stable platform. They take a little more time to transition edges, making them perfect for beginners.


Three 1.9" Removable Skater Tail FinsThe skate fin setup has been used in Connelly's line since they started making surfers for its reliability, ease-of-use, and ability to customize. Use all three fins for a stable ride, remove the center fin for a twin fin feel, or pull the side fins for a skim style setup.

Additional Features

Do Not Store in Boat Board Racksevo does not recommend storing your wakesurfer in boat board racks. Many wakesurf boards are fragile and can be easily damaged by these racks, which is not covered under manufacturer warranty.

Color Coded Foam EVA Traction PadFor ideal foot positioning.

Concave Heel Pockets

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