Ronix 2023 Combo 4.0 Wakeboard Rope and Handle Package Black

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For those that take their wakeboarding seriously, the Ronix Combo 4.0 features an ultra non-stretch 75 ft. mainline, five sections, and a high-end handle for the ultimate in performance.

A high-end wakeboard rope and handle package at an unbeatable price, the Ronix Combo 4.0 is a hit among those that are serious about their riding. The handle is jam-packed full of features that will make it a hit on your boat. From the 3mm thick memory foam and hide grip to the dyneema barlock (anti-roll), this handle feels great in your hands and will help extend your riding sessions.

The mainline is 75 ft. in total length with five different sections to allow you to adjust the length for different riders. Shorten it up for the beginners just learning to jump the wake or send it all the way back for those looking to go BIG. Constructed of a 12-strand dyneema rope, it gives no stretch while riding, making for a consistent pull behind the boat. The rope is filled with EVA inside for flotation so that it stays on top of the water, making it easy for the rider to find and keeping it out of the prop.

Whether a weekend warrior or daily ripper, the Ronix Combo 4.0 is a must-have piece of gear to take your wakeboarding game to that next level.

Ronix Combo 4.0 Features

  • Hide Grip w/ 3D Molded Pattern for Extra Grip
  • Dyneema Barlock (Anti-Roll)
  • 3mm Thick EVA End Caps
  • 1.15" Handle Diameter
  • Strung w/ Holland 12-Strand Ultra Non Stretch Dyneema Rope
  • Filled Inside w/ EVA for Flotation
  • Solin 75 ft. Mainline w/ Five Sections

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