Wakeboard Rope Buying Guide

How To Choose The Perfect Wakeboard or Wakesurf Rope


Wakeboard Rope Materials:

  • Poly E: Poly E is an affordable and forgiving rope material with low stretch. It offers a slight give that absorbs the shock of cutting through the boat wake, making it suitable for beginners. However, advanced riders may find the stretch detrimental to their performance.
  • Dyneema: Known for its exceptional strength, Dyneema is a no-stretch rope material that surpasses steel and other synthetics in tension-tension fatigue and bending-bending fatigue tests. It exhibits excellent resistance to saltwater, UV rays, and abrasion.
  • Spectra: Spectra is an ultra-lightweight fiber that boasts incredible strength, being ten times stronger than steel. Wakeboard ropes made from Spectra are highly durable, float on water, and have zero stretch.

Wakeboard Rope Coating: Some wakeboard ropes feature a protective coating adhesive that serves multiple purposes. It safeguards the rope against UV light, enhances its strength, and prevents tangling.

Wakeboard Rope Length: The length of your wakeboard rope can range from 55 to 75+ feet, depending on factors such as your experience level, boat wake, and personal preference. For beginners, a recommended starting length is around 65 feet. As you progress and gain more skill, you can gradually increase the rope length. Longer ropes enable greater speed and more air time when launching off the wake.


  • Materials: Wakeboard handles come in various materials, including EVA, aluminum, and carbon fiber. As handles become lighter and stronger, their prices tend to increase. Handle grips can feature different textures, ranging from rubber to chamois. Choose a handle material and texture that feels comfortable to you.
  • Length and Width: Wakeboarding handles are wider than water ski handles, typically measuring between 5 to 15 inches in width. Wider handles facilitate tricks that involve passing the handle behind your back.
  • Diameter: Consider the handle's diameter, ensuring it is suitable for different hand sizes. Opt for a diameter that allows a comfortable grip for all users.

V Handle / T Handle: V and T handles can be attached to the main handle, enabling riders to pre-wrap the handle behind their back. This eliminates the need to pass the handle during specific tricks.

Remember, selecting the right wakeboard rope and handle is a matter of personal preference, riding style, and skill level. Choose materials and features that suit your needs and enhance your wakeboarding experience.