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One Man's Trash Is Another Mans Treasure

I think the title sums it up pretty well, some people find value in the things others would just throw away. Maybe you don’t want to spend full price on this years wake board, maybe the Connelly or Ronix board from 3-4 years ago is perfectly fine for your needs and can be found much cheaper. And while wake board technology does improve over time, it doesn’t improve that much year over year to make a board just a few years old irrelevant.


This is why we want to be able to offer used gear from the quality brands we trust. We know these wake-boards and wakesurfers will last years to come. Instead of letting them just rot in the garage or end up in a dump somewhere, bring them to us, we will buy them, clean them up, and give them a new home. That way some young kid, or someone just looking into the sport can have fun without the high cost to entry. In fact that is how I’ve started at most things that otherwise would have been too expensive to start. I bought used quality gear to see if I even liked what I was trying.


We do inspect every piece of gear prior to purchase, and we also do not buy broken gear (so no worry of shotty repaired items that may only last a week or two). We want every used wake board or wakesurfer to function just like new, and we really want it to attest to the quality of the brands we support.


We will be adding a used pre-owned section soon as our quality pre-owned line up builds. But, for now you can find some of our pre-owned boards on our featured section found here.


As well if you guys have any quality used boards you would like to have appraised, or would like to get store credit towards a newer board, give us a shout. We would love to work something out.


Thanks Again

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